It Doesn’t Get More American Than Ford & Harley-Davidson’s F-250 Pickup

It’s hard to find something as American as Harley-Davidson, but the same can be said for Ford’s rugged, iconic vehicles. Now, the prolific pair have decided to come together for yet another co-branded endeavor, and this time, the automaker’s F-250 pickup truck has been selected to take on the guise.

Ford and Harley-Davidson’s 2020 F-250 build isn’t anything new when it comes to exterior upgrades, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less handsome. Like its F-150 counterpart, the shadowy black and orange vehicle has been adorned in aftermarket parts, including a grille bezel and textured injection molded honeycomb grille mesh paying homage to Harley’s design terminology, a Davidson-imbued front bumper, integrated lightbar, “Raptor-style” inserts, replacement ram air hood, and limited-edition number plate to demarcate each truck’s standing within the collection. To round out the collaboration, the F-250 takes on the largest Harley-Davidson badge and color-matched tonneau cover ever, as well as a set of dark Fatboy milled wheels, and orange-accented exhaust tips. If you’re a fan of Harley-Davidson’s heritage and would like one of these pickups for yourself, head to Tuscany Motor Co’s website to inquire about the limited-to-250 run.

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