This Low-Riding Ford Falcon Is A Classic Muscle Car Gone Cyber-JDM Widebody

Ford introduced the Falcon in 1960 as a domestic alternative to the compact European imports that’d been flooding the market since the early 1950s. And while the platform remained largely unchanged for the next decade, the Blue Oval switched things up for the first half of 1970, giving it a sportier fastback body — which, confusingly, borrowed styling directly from the Torino/Fairlane — and a host of engine options that included a 429CI Cobra Jet V8.

The render you see before you is based on one such Falcon. Penned by Czech designer Rostislav Prokop, it’s been given a low-riding widebody makeover — turning this classic American muscle into a JDM car’s worst nightmare — and just a touch of Cybertruck-inspired angularity. At the front, the chrome bumpers have been replaced by a massive splitter and a set of aero fenders, with the hood exposing the velocity stacks of the engine below. What’s more, Prokop’s reimagined the headlights as a single LED light bar that spans the width of the car wheel to wheel. Elsewhere, you’ll find that the Falcon’s tuner theme to be in full force, with a set of large five-spokes and skirts at the sides, an aggressive diffuser at the rear, and a spoiler mounted low on the trunk lid. You can learn more at the link below.

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