Ford’s Self-Braking Trolley Cart Has Anti-Collision Technology

As one of the leading manufacturers in North America’s automotive industry, Ford has more than enough resources to share — especially when it comes to research and development. Recently, the company has decided to delve more deeply into a number of “extracurricular” activities, including a new shopping cart prototype that utilizes the manufacturer’s latest developments in sensory technology to keep unassuming bystanders safe.

The conglomerate’s latest project, the “Self-Braking Trolley Cart,” was created to ease a variety of common stresses associated with supermarket trips — especially for wary parents who spend the majority of the excursion keeping a close eye on their children. To make the grocery store a safe place for all, the cart will feature Ford’s patented Pre-Collision Assist technology, which allows for adequate detection of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists on modern roadways, but in a much smaller package.

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