Ford Mustang Fastback ‘Eleanor’ By Fusion

Replica cars are a tricky task to get right as looking the part is as important as feeling the part. Yoel Wazana of Southern California’s Fusion Motor Company knew he had to do this one right though as his firm was given the exclusive license to produce the Ford Mustang Fastbacks known as ‘Eleanor’ from the silver screens Gone In 60 Seconds.

Each unit starts from a clean titled ‘67-’68 Mustang Fastback, no small feat in and of itself, to ensure quality and authenticity of the build. Frame reinforcements are necessary to modify the original chassis to meet modern performance standards, ensuring that when you romp on the pedal Eleanor will respond compliently. A slew of carbon fiber parts then go on to perfect the look of the iconic silhouette, mixing contemporary materials with classic styling. Buyers have their choice of powertrain and suspension packages depending on how sporty they feel, topping out with a 750 hp supercharged Roush V8. Paint color is also an option, but for those looking for the same feeling Memphis had when he hit the go button Dupont Pepper Gray is the only choice.

Purchase: $189,000+