Ford MAX Motor Dreams Smart Crib

May 4, 2017

Category: Tech

Taking a newborn child for a nighttime car ride is a tried and true way to get a crying baby to calm down and fall asleep. There’s just something soothing about the purr of the engine and the gentle rocking of the car. But it also means that the driving parent is missing out on all that would-be sleep time in order to make it happen. Well, not anymore, thanks to Ford’s MAX Motor Dreams Smart Crib.

Designed to mimic the same lighting conditions, sounds, and gentle rocking of a late night car ride, this smart crib will lull your baby to sleep without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. What’s even more clever is that, with the included smart phone app, you can actually record the real life nocturnal drive that works the best for your child and program all of its conditions into the crib to mimic the ride precisely. Sure, Ford probably isn’t changing the world with this neat tech, but, for parents that are losing up to 44 days of sleep as the result of having a newborn child, this could be a pretty big personal lifesaver.

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