Ford Lane-Keeping Smart Bed

Sharing a bed’s real-estate can be challenging, especially if your significant other or pet tends to hog most of it without considering your comfort. Since everyone needs a good night’s rest to be on their A-game, Ford created the Lane-Keeping Bed to keep your space-invading significant other from taking over your side of the mattress.

Ford’s Lane-Keeping Aid vehicle technology, which monitors road markings to help guide the driver back into the appropriate lane, was the inspiration for the Lane-Keeping Bed. The space-correcting bed utilizes pressure sensors to analyze when someone has crossed their side of the sleeping space and pulls them back to their area with an integrated conveyor belt. This ingenious prototype is a part of the Ford Interventions series, which uses automotive technology to remedy everyday problems. The motorized Ford Lane-Keeping Bed one-off isn’t likely to be available any time soon, but we’re hoping it eventually makes it to the production line.

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