This Vicious Looking Ford Falcon XB Is A Dream From ‘Down Under’

In 1964, Pontiac introduced one of the first muscle cars to its North American audience, ushering in a new era for powerful, radically-designed vehicles. And though our obsession with these vehicles might be largely connected to our nationalist dedication, the pavement pummeling platforms weren’t exclusive to the American roadway. Overseas, the influence of the muscle car spread rapidly, and in 1973, Australia’s Ford division released the Falcon XB — an adversarial vehicle that pulled from the Mustang’s finest principles.

While the Falcon XB was certainly one of the most handsome variants of its era, the muscle car’s distinctive shape, style, and stance would set it apart from a number of Australia’s imitative offerings of the day. Sadly, after only three years of production, it would be removed from Ford’s overseas catalog. With that in mind, the vehicle has become exceedingly rare — shying away from the eyes of the public and fading into the afterthoughts of car enthusiasts everywhere — until now. Renowned designer, Abimelec Arellano, has revived the Falcon XB for this mesmerizing restomod treatment. To give the platform an even more menacing look, Arellano has implemented a lower ride height, complimenting the vehicle’s extra-wide tires and deep-dish wheels. A supercharged 5.8 GT500 rests in the engine bay of the beast, while a widened front end, intricately designed wooden dash, and attractive upholstery give the car a touch of modern and heritage taste.

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