This Capable Ford F-550 Camper Could Be Your Next Expedition-Ready Rig

While your off the shelf overlanding rigs offer an easy entry into the hobby, there’s something to be said for going it alone and starting from scratch. It requires a healthy dose of design vision and a commitment to execution to go from untouched truck to fully-fledged camper. As such, even professionals struggle to deliver — which makes this DIY build all the more impressive.

Designed in Solidworks and molded from composite, the cabin on this Ford F-550 camper comes with a number of features that make it quite the capable expedition rig. For instance, the main pop-up roof provides 6’10” of headroom when extended, but it packs down to just under 10 feet tall when stowed. It also comes with a king-size bed and a convertible dinette, meaning there’s plenty of room for you and the rest of the family once it’s time to camp. And when it comes to power, the truck provisions for solar power in spades, with 1,300W of panels and a massive 800AH array of batteries. Top it off with 100 gallons of freshwater storage and 40 gallons of greywater storage, and you could easily disappear for weeks. Located in Southern California, it’s currently for sale for $225,000.

Purchase: $225,000