For Your Eyes Only: The Secret Life Of Heroes Book

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Entertainment

On the surface, a superhero’s life seems pretty spectacular. And while it certainly is, we’ve always wondered what they do when they’re not saving the world. Thankfully the talented Greg ‘Leon’ Guillemin also had his curiosity piqued, and decided to create ‘For Your Eyes Only.’

Two years ago, Guillemin won over the entire internet with his ‘Secret Life Of Heroes‘ series, a pop art illustration collection that showcased the personal lives of superheroes. Everything from The Hulk rolling a blunt to Wonder Woman stuffing her bra, nothing was off limits. To celebrate the 2 year anniversary, he decided it was time to compile all of this awesomeness into one book. In what could be the greatest coffee table piece to hit the scene this year, the book will feature 100 images in all. ‘For Your Eyes Only’ is currently available for pre-order and will begin hitting the retail scene this summer with a $45 price tag. [Purchase]

For Your Eyes Only- The Secret Life Of Heroes Book 2

For Your Eyes Only- The Secret Life Of Heroes Book 3

For Your Eyes Only- The Secret Life Of Heroes Book 4

For Your Eyes Only- The Secret Life Of Heroes Book 5

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