Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottle

As a busy life-form, you don’t have time to stand around waiting for the spigot to fill your water bottle for the day. The solution is a self-filling water bottle from Fontus. It concentrates moisture in the air and uses it to fill up the bottle with clean, drinkable water; all without help.

Fontus plans to release two versions of the bottle: the Airo and the Ryde. The Airo will be a more generalized bottle, intended for everyday use or going along on a hike while the Ryde will be meant for bikers exclusively, offering a body that fits on a standard bike for easy access. The company claims that the bottles will produce about half a liter or half a quart of water per hour, but thus far they haven’t produced prototypes for testing. Fontus has also not offered a release date or price. [Purchase]

Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottle 2

Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottle 3