Foldylock: Portable Folding Bike Lock

Foldylock 1
It’s not that U-locks don’t do a good job at keeping thieves from getting to your 2 wheeled companion, it’s that they are rather bulky to travel with. Offering the same solid protection, but with the added convenience of mobility, the Foldylock looks to become your go-to bike lock.

While it operates much like a U-lock when your bike is locked up, the Foldylock is equipped with six hardened steel links that allow it to fold up into a small, portable case that mounts right where your wattle bottle would normally go. To ensure the device doesn’t scratch up your bike frame, the Foldylock has been plastic coated, and even features anti-drilling rivets. This could be the best bike lock to ever hit the market. The project recently surpassed its goal on Kickstarter.

Foldylock 2

Foldylock 3

Foldylock 4