Foldio360 Photography Lightbox

Creating 360 images is no longer cost-prohibitive and only for the professional photographers and photoshop pros. With the Foldio360 – a turntable with a step angle motor, Bluetooth 4.0 and an infrared sensor – all you need to create stunning 360-degree photos is an iPhone and a lightbox.

Place whatever it is you’re trying to photograph on top of the Foldio turntable, key up the app on your phone, and your setup does the rest of the work for you. The app takes photos of the image, and then stitches them together into the final 360 product. The turntable comes with a Halo Edge light on the back, which when combined with the lightbox creates a really solid defuse light. The Foldio360, a Kickstarter project, has exceeded their goal with 1,137 backers and over $120,000 in pledged money. They expect to ship in July with a retail price of $139 for the complete kit. [Purchase]

Foldio360 Photography Lightbox 1

Foldio360 Photography Lightbox 2

Foldio360 Photography Lightbox 3

Foldio360 Photography Lightbox 4