FoldiMate Clothing Folding Machine

Imagine a world where you no longer had to fold your laundry. Yes, maybe your mother was nice enough to fold it for you when you were a kid but hey, it’s time to be an adult. Time to grow up. Get a job that pays well, and pre-order this machine that folds your laundry for you. That’s right, no more tireless hours wasted folding laundry thanks to the FoldiMate.

Each FoldiMate is designed to sit next to your washer and dryer allowing you to simply “feed” the freshly-cleaned clothes into the device and let it take care of the rest. Once your clothes are hung via the machine’s Easy Clipping technology, it’s brought inside the device where they are folded, steamed, softened and sterilized, all in one sitting. Each “load” can handle up to 20 items of clothing and each item takes at most 45 seconds to complete. Not too shabby considering you’ll no longer be forced into folding ever again. Pre-orders are set to start next year with a target price between $700-$850. [Purchase]