FOLDEAT Is A Handsome Utilitarian Lunch Box To Keep Your Meals Organized

For many, the prospect of meal prep/taking your lunch to work every day can be a bit daunting. The implementation and use of an entire suite of Ziplock bags, Tupperware containers, and plastic utensils might seem obtrusive, difficult, and at times, wasteful. Instead, the minds behind FOLDEAT — an all-encompassing, foldable lunch box collection — have decided to solve all those issues and more.

As one of the most attractive and well-designed bento-style projects that we’ve seen, the FOLDEAT boasts a collection of 15 unique features for everyday food storage, including separators, dip containers, cutlery holders, warm/cold gel packs, and an insulated case that allows you to carry your collection with you wherever you go. After placing your food into the FOLDEAT’s 100% microwave and dishwasher-safe containers, you’ll also be able to create your very own miniaturized picnic area thanks to the collection’s utilitarian pack, which transitions from a handy carrying case into a full-sized eating mat outfitted with magnetic cutlery and storage areas. If you’re looking for the ultimate lunch box, be sure to head over to FOLDEAT’s Kickstarter, where you’ll be able to procure the modular wonder starting at $59.

Kickstarter: $59+