Foldable DRAS Phone by R&D Core Limited

Nov 4, 2015

Category: Tech

It’s undeniable that the majority of today’s smartphones have the same basic form factor. Gone are the days of sliders, clamshells and flip phones, and we’re mostly left with the basic smartphone style you commonly see today. While we’ve seen quite a few impressive phone concepts, this foldable DRAS phone by R&D Core Limited really uses some imagination.

Upon first glance, it’s an admittedly strange-looking device that you probably wouldn’t see yourself using. It combines the clamshell trend of the 90s with a flexible touchscreen display. It bends at three different points, allowing owners to fold it down to a compact size. With one fold, the phone transforms into a squarish MiniDras, and when it’s folded again, you have a MicroDras. In both modes, some portion of the touchscreen is still accessible, allowing users to have app notifications and relevant data visible even when the phone is in sleep mode.

Foldable Drasphone by R&D Core Limited 1

Foldable Drasphone by R&D Core Limited 2

Foldable Drasphone by R&D Core Limited 3

Foldable Drasphone by R&D Core Limited 4

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