Fogo Adventure Gadget

There are plenty of scary things in the woods. Bears. Poison ivy. Bears covered in poison ivy. So when you’re on a wilderness adventure, you need some tools to keep you safe and aware of where you’re going. The Fogo Adventure Gadget looks like it does just about everything you need all in one convenient package.

This combination GPS/walkie-talkie/flashlight/battery charger does even more than that description, making it a great companion for hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, or camping. The 1000 Lumen flashlight has multiple features, including the ability to alert you by blinking if you stray from your intended path. The walkie-talkie can send and receive text messages with other Fogo users, and the 6800mAh backup battery surely has lifesaver potential written all over it. Fogo also has a bike computer, pedometer, and custom smart caps to expand its hardware capabilities in the future. [Purchase]

Fogo Adventure Gadget 2

Fogo Adventure Gadget 3