FlyNano Electric Jet Ski Plane

While we see a lot of strange personal vehicles — things like water-powered jet packs, miniature personal submarines, and more — very few of them really spark our must-have desires, be that due to price, legality, licensing, or general practicality. Every so often, however, we stumble upon something that hits the mark perfectly, like the FlyNano electric jet ski plane.

Flying watercraft is hardly a new category, as seaplanes have existed for decades. The problem, however, is that you need a pilot’s license to operate one, which scares off most folks. The FlyNano doesn’t have that same problem, as it can be operated without a license. Of course, it’s not a true plane in that you can’t hit the skies more than several feet off the water — but still, we’re comfortable calling that flying. It helps too that the all-electric powertrain (which charges fully in just one hour) will do up to 75 mph through the air. And since you never have to take it in for maintenance, this thing is primed for years of fun right out of the box. Though it’s not officially for sale, pricing for the top-tier fully-loaded option is set at $91,244.

Purchase: $91,244