Flying Tent

One of the merits for any camper out in the wilderness is finding equipment that’s packable, serves multiple purposes, and doesn’t weigh down the trip. And as anyone who’s spent some time outdoors will tell you, finding a tent that fits these three categories is an adventure in and of itself. The Flying Tent, however, looks to solve these issues with their versatile product.

The Flying Tent enters a whole new category of adventure camping. It can be used as a floating tent, bivy tent, hammock, or even a poncho in rainy weather, offering multiple solutions to any problems you might encounter in the wild. As a floating or bivy tent, there’s a mosquito net and rain guard to keep you dry and unharmed, and its design allows you to set up camp wherever there’re two trees to tie everything up. Each tent weighs in at a lightweight 2.6 pounds and the streamlined design allows for an uncomplicated and swift set up time of seven seconds. The Flying Tent is campaigning on Kickstarter and pledges start around $170. [Purchase]

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