Flycraft Stealth Boat

If you’re planning your next aquatic mission, you might want to consider picking up the Flycraft Stealth Boat, a versatile watercraft that only requires 3-4 inches of water underneath it to float.

The boat is designed for fishers and hunters, and it has a 12.5-foot inflatable base, meaning you can deflate it and haul it in your car trunk, or leave it inflated and place it in the bed of your truck. It has a surprisingly rigid floor, and it has two layers of PVC armor to protect it from being punctured by sharp objects. The boat also has four layers of this armor in key points for even more durability where it’s needed most. It’s able to comfortably carry two adults, and it has dual swiveling seats. What’s more, it’s able to carry a motor that weighs under 30 pounds, meaning users could potentially take it out on the ocean as well as rivers and streams. It’s available now on Kickstarter for $2,800. [Purchase]

Flycraft Stealth Boat 2

Flycraft Stealth Boat 3