Flycraft Inflatable Fishing Stand Up Paddleboard

There’s nothing like a day spent on a lake or stream, drifting on the paddle board and fishing. But paddle boards can be cumbersome and difficult to lug in your car. Unless you’ve got a rugged 4 x 4, dealing with a 10 foot wooden plank can prove to be an insurmountable difficulty for the would-be paddle-boarder. That’s where the Flycraft Inflatable SUP comes in.

The SUP, or Stand-Up-Paddelboard, is Flycraft’s solution to the difficult transportation of the paddleboard. It’s a 10′ Inflatable Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board that can be rolled up and stuffed inside a backpack-sized bag when it isn’t in use. This awesome toy for the serious fisherman is super stable and balanced, ultra lightweight, and very rigid – skeletalized by a Flycraft Aircore PVC construction that won’t give out. Various technologies streamline the fishing experience, like the SUP’s IDT (Inlaid D-Ring technology) that keeps your lines tangle free, and super durable Leifield C7 valves. An ingenious anchor system keeps you from drifting while you fish, and the addition of 3 gravity fins allow you to cut through the water hydrodynamically. The ultimate tool for the fisherman.