Fluance High Fidelity Turntables

In April of 2018, we were first introduced to HD vinyl, a revolutionary new record-pressing technique allowing for unheard-of sound quality. The problem: the tech was so advanced that there weren’t any turntables that could take advantage of it. However, the folks at Fluance are ready to get on the HD train with their new Reference line of turntables.

Designed specifically to offer users a “pure, unparalleled analog experience that immerses the listener right in the heart of the recording,” the latest model, the RT85, boasts a high-density acrylic platter, a solid wood plinth, resonance-dampening feet, and a Ortofon 2M Blue elliptical cartridge — all housed on a multi-layered MDF chassis in a black or walnut finish. According to Fluence, the turntable also boasts a servo-controlled belt drive motor with an optical sensor that continuously monitors playback and makes on-the-fly adjustments within a few hundredths of a percent, with a wow and flutter of 0.07%. In laymen’s terms, that means your records will sound perfect with every single spin. The RT85 is priced at $500, with the others in the impressive HD series coming in at $200 and up.

Purchase: $200+