Florentine Custom Kitchen Knives

Whether we’re talking kitchen gear or tableware, there is no tool more important than a knife. And while there are plenty of superb options on the market, the ultimate expression of cooking prowess and personal pride can be found in a unique set of cutlery, which you can have custom-made by Florentine Kitchen Knives.

Originally from Tel Aviv, FKK is actually headquartered out of Barcelona, Spain, as opposed to Italy, as one might assume. But that nugget of interesting information pales in comparison to what they can do for you regarding kitchen cutlery. Through their online customizer, they offer a trio of knife types — chef, paring, and table. Each knife is available with dual handle options — scaled (seven color options of traditional handle scales) or stacked (a rainbow of colored disks in either leather or Micarta) — and you can even get your choice of a 14c28n Swedish stainless steel or XC75 French Carbon steel blade with one of four finish options. Best of all, they’re all completely handmade. And if that’s not personalized enough for you, they’ll be offering completely bespoke options soon. Pricing starts at just under $100 a blade but will vary depending on your custom selections, so check out the FKK site for more info.

Purchase: $97+