Fliteboard Electric Hydrofoil

What’s a surfer to do without a swell? Pluck a surf-enthusiast from the ocean and put him in the tranquil, glass-like waters of a lake, and he or she will certainly be nonplussed with how to spend their time. That’s where the Fliteboard Electric Hydrofoil comes in.

This all-electric ride elevates the lake-goer to a new level of freshwater fun. The world’s first “unibody” fuselage from Flite carries its passenger over water without the need for waves. The Fliteboard Electric Hydrofoil, or eFoil, can reach speeds up to 25 mph, and will less offer a surrogate for surfing, than give its rider the sensation of flying over the water. Interchangeable wings allow one to customize the propulsion system, which drives the board silently from underwater. Crafted from Ballistic grade Carbon Innegra and intuitively controlled from an OLED color controller displaying GPS speed, and battery power remaining on the board’s IP67-standard water-resistant lithium battery.