FLIR Duo Thermal Action Camera

Take thermal imaging on the go and to new heights with the FLIR Duo. Acting as a compact thermal imager for drones, Duo combines the visual aesthetic of thermal imagery with the birds-eye-view of a drone. What could be more James Bond-like than that?

The Duo is the same size and shape as most action cameras, but with 1080p resolution capability. Powerful and handy features such as onboard recording and real-time control over camera functions give you complete influence over what’s getting filmed and where. Duo also offers both analog and digital HDMI live video outputs along with radiometric temperature measurements in addition to the thermal, visible, or combined viewing formats. And in addition to its video capabilities, the little camera can capture still images as well thanks to the free FLIR Tools software package that comes with each purchase. Setup is also a breeze due to the camera’s built-in Bluetooth connectivity and iOS and Android capability. Prices start at 1,000. [Purchase]