FLIR Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System

The U.S. Army just picked up a revolutionary nano unmanned aerial vehicle for their utility belt to gives soldiers a third eye in battle. FLIR’s Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System is a palm-sized silent drone ready to save American lives.

The Black Hornet PRS provides a soldier with visual awareness day or night up to a distance of 1.24 miles. The 6.6-inch mini-drone flies at a maximum speed of 13.52 mph, acting as a watchful eye in the sky for nearly half an hour, transmitting photos and live HD video back to home base. It will be used to stealthily scan for threats, as soldiers can let it fly independently or control the flight themselves. The compact pocket helicopter can withstand winds up to 15 knots, as well as light rain, so it won’t be swept away when the elements come into play. The Black Hornet will give U.S. soldiers the edge they need to prevail on the modern battlefield.

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