Flint And Tinder’s Quilted Flight Jacket Is A Hard-Wearing WWI-Inspired Icon

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No matter how you spin it, few other garments carry the same cultural influence as does the flight jacket. First developed as a solution to keep pilots warm on high-altitude open-cockpit bombing raids, over time they’ve been appropriated by everyone from skinheads to hip-hop stars. And it’s for good reason — with their honest utilitarian aesthetic and hard-wearing construction, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better piece of outerwear that can look the part while also taking a licking.

Flint and Tinder’s Quilted Flight jacket builds on the legacy of its forebears by imbuing it with a bit of extra quilted insulation. In practice, this means it makes for an excellent piece of transitional outerwear because it’s warm enough to be worn on its own and light enough for an added base layer underneath. And because it comes with pocket provisions abounds — including two for your hands, one on the chest, and even one hidden inside — rest assured there’s enough carrying capacity for your essentials. Finished off with a trim fit and some stylish multi-needle detailing, this is one jacket that’s ready for missions of any scope, whether that’s on the ground or above the clouds. It’s available now for $188.

Purchase: $188