Flint And Tinder’s Surplus Collection Blends Men’s Basics & Military Toughness

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When it comes to durability and overall toughness, equipment and apparel made for military use tend to be the barometer for the rest of the gear industry. And there’s good reason for this: mil-spec gear is made to go through hell and come out the other side still swinging. So, when it came time for Flint and Tinder to craft a new array of men’s basics, the brand dove head-first into it with the heavily military-inspired Surplus Collection.

Done up in OD green, black, tan, and gray, the chosen colorways are very clearly drawn from those that appear on military vehicles, fatigues, weaponry, etc. But that connection goes far deeper. In fact, the fabrics themselves — a blend of cotton and Cordura fabric — are also inspired directly by the military. They’re also designed to be comfortable and soft enough to wear to bed, but formidable enough to survive whatever action you can throw at ’em. Available right now, The Surplus Collection includes a series of t-shirts, underwear, socks, and (everyone’s favorite new must-have) face masks. Prices range from $18 up to $38, depending on the item.

Purchase: $18+