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These Movie Theater Seats Have Their Own Integrated Surround Sound


Movies theaters are just starting to open back up again, but thanks to the egregious sound mixing of today’s blockbusters, some people may not be so keen on returning to the overly loud environment of the cinema. But one innovative company has found a solution to your theater woes with the world’s first loudspeaker-free cinema sound system.

The FLEXSOUND Pulse is a new type of cinema seat that offers full-range audio and natural sound wave vibration in a personal “soundsphere.” This gives each individual their own surround sound experience without the use of obscenely loud loudspeakers, fixing the one thing that almost everyone complains about when going to the movies. The system offers better immersion and an equal listening experience to all viewers, all without the need for any remixing or recording and with minimal sound leakage outside the space. The versatile system isn’t just for your local multiplex, either, and can even be adapted for use in gaming, live events, or even in the home. To learn more, head on over to FLEXSOUND’s website.

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