Fleetwood Sound Co.’s Deville Is An Elite Artisan-Made Heirloom Speaker

For the last 15 years, Oswalds Mill Audio has been producing ultra-high-end audio hardware and equipment from its factory in Pennsylvania. Looking to tap into a wider market, the insanely elite American audio brand has now shifted from producing six-figure stereos to launch a new sub-brand offering high-end speakers at a more accessible price-point.

Known as the Fleetwood Sound Co., this new offshoot’s inaugural product has been dubbed the DeVille Loudspeaker. Boasting absolutely stellar audio quality, the handmade two-way speaker packs 8” paper cone, high-efficiency neodymium woofers, 1″ neodymium compression driver horns, proprietary phase plugs, 6” solid wood conical horns, and phenolic rear panels. The base DeVille speaker comes in a standard black finish, though it’s also offered in a variety of top-shelf paints from England’s Farrow and Ball, as well as numerous “custom” options such as handmade Japanese washi paper, Japanese denim, or a worn leather. Like OMA’s existing wares, the DeVille’s wooden horn’s been hand-rubbed with beeswax and natural linseed oil to achieve what the brand calls an “heirloom finish.” Priced at $9,600 per pair, the DeVille Loudspeaker is far from cheap, though it’s markedly more affordable than OMA’s existing wares which can cost over a quarter-million dollars per pair.

Purchase: $9,600+