Flask2Go Foldable Flask

It doesn’t matter who drove whom to drink, your mom and dad both deserve something special for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. A Flask2go reusable flask will serve them both well, no doubt, and oh will the symbolism be rich.

These are weightless, undetectable flasks that make taking a sip of your beverage much easier, and we all need that. These flasks are flexible and metal-free, so unlike the case with a typical flask, metal detectors won’t go nuts when you slide through them with a Flask2go. BPA-free and ready to hold up to 7.5 ounces of liquid, these little guys are perhaps too good to gift away, even if a set of two is only $8. It’s your call, son. [Purchase]

Flask2Go Reusable Liquor Pouch 3

Flask2Go Reusable Liquor Pouch 4