Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trousers

Cold weather shouldn’t stop you from getting out and hiking. In fact, striking out on a long trek while the air is crisp can be much more rewarding than warm weather jaunts through the woods provided you have the right gear. And no. We’re not talking about your old thin canvas pants. Think more in the direction of Fjallraven’s Vidda Pro Trousers.

One of the crowning achievements of these pants is that they don’t look totally goony, something rare for outdoor gear in general and hiking pants specifically. More importantly, though, is the fact that these are made out of the ultra durable G-1000 fabric. G-1000 is a kind of all-around material that repels water, cuts through wind, and stands up to rough wear all while maintaining a degree of breathability – all traits that make these pants ideal for long forays into the wilderness. In addition to the great fabric and attractive look, the Vidda Pro Trousers come with seven pockets, including one dedicated for a map, your knife, and an axe. Need to lift yourself up over a log or hop over a brook? The elastic leg endings make for trousers that are incredibly flexible and adaptable. Grab a pair this winter for $150. [Purchase]

Vidda Pro Trousers 2

Vidda Pro Trousers 3