Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

Fitbit’s Ionic looked like an old-school Casio from the 1980s. Frankly, it sold like one, too. Now the fitness tracking company is taking a second swing at making a smart watch. Introducing the Fitbit Versa.

Looking a whole lot more like an Apple Watch but going for good deal less money, this attractive looking device boasts a suite of fitness tracking capabilities without a bunch of extra unnecessary tech. That means it’ll track your activity, heart rate, as well as play music and function even while in the water. Thanks to the Fitbit personal dashboard, users will also get a more detailed look at their fitness (the watch has 15+ exercise modes for tracking everything from swimming to your WOD), sleep, and water intake. The watch is available with either silicone or cloth straps and can be picked up in five different colors. Preorder is available now with shipping starting in April.

Purchase: $200+