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Stay On Top Of Your Health With Fitbit’s New Electrodermal ‘Sense’ Smartwatch

If you’ve remained in-the-loop concerning Fitbit’s various technological offerings over the years, you’ll recognize the company’s sleek, low-profile designs. While the outfit has focused almost exclusively on the development of unassuming fitness trackers throughout its tenure, the San Francisco-based brand has finally decided to upgrade its dwindling smartwatch line with the Fitbit Sense — a proprietary offering slated for release alongside its renovated Versa and Inspire.

The Fitbit Sense is, without a doubt, the more interesting of the three. It features an “advanced health” suit that sets it apart from its brethren, calling upon unique inclusions like an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor, electrocardiogram (ECG), and other fitness-focused metrics to inform you of your body’s more complex systems. Put simply, the Sense can monitor changes in the temperature and electric efficiency of your skin, helping to identify and manage stress through various breathing recommendations, guided exercise, and alternative resources. Each example boasts an aluminum/stainless steel construction, a legible AMOLED display, and integrated smart features for hands-free calling, volume control, and pay support. Head to the brand’s website to pre-order one of your own for $330 — and while you’re there, check out Fitbit’s updated Versa and Inspire line.

Purchase: $330