Fisker EMotion EV

On the road of life, is there really one car that can deliver on elegance, performance, and sustainability? Henrik Fisker believes in chasing this unobtainable pinnacle of automotive achievement and proves to us that we are closer than we think with the Fisker EMotion electric car.

Engineered to employ all of the last breakthroughs in battery, charging, and electric motor technologies, the production model is expected to boast 400 miles of range, a 9 minute fast charge time, and will rocket to a top speed of 161 mph. Design was at the top of Henrik’s list of must haves for the EMotion as well. Being a luxury electric vehicle, the interior is wrapped in leather and raw carbon fiber accents that meet seamlessly with 3 driver oriented screens for all the comforts of modern informative displays. The most stunning feature is the four butterfly hinged doors that are smartphone activated, making sure your adoring fans know exactly how many commas are in your bank account.

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