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Fisker Shows Off A Rugged Off-Road SUV For Military Use & Rescue Operations

Back in January, Fisker Automotive introduced the world to its fully-electric Ocean model: a 4WD luxury SUV with a 300-mile range and $37.5K MSRP. And while Fisker previously announced that its electric SUV will hit dealerships in 2022, the Los Angeles-based firm has now revealed plans to release an off-road variant of its forthcoming Model Y killer which the company is teasing via some new digital renders.

According to Fisker’s higher-ups, the Ocean’s wide, 76” track coupled with the 63.6”-tall SUV’s low center of gravity actually makes it an ideal candidate for military uses such as transporting personnel or performing recon in remote areas. And that’s not evening mentioning the Ocean’s speed, power, and agility, with a 300hp+ on tap and a sub-three-second 0-60mph time. The California company hasn’t said specifically what off-road upgrades will be made to the militarized Ocean, though we’re confident in assuming we’ll see some added suspension travel, supplementary lighting, crash protection and other fortification, and what will almost certainly be a much more spartan, less-plush interior. What Fisker did state, however, is that this ruggedized military-spec version of the Ocean is already earmarked for production, as well as a grand public reveal later down the road in 2021.

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