This Street-Inspired Gardenwear Is Part Of Fiskars’ First-Ever Apparel Collection

Since its founding in 1649, Fiskars has grown to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality cutting tools, with a diverse product lineup that spans everything from axes to kitchen shears to crafting scissors. However, the Finnish-based brand’s latest drop doesn’t come in the form of an innovative new knife or game-changing home improvement product — it’s clothing.

That’s right. As part of a collaboration with Maria Korkeila, Fiskars has just released its first-ever apparel collection. Inspired by streetwear and designed for gardening, it comprises some 11 different pieces, with each one balancing a fashion-forward aesthetic alongside some good ole utilitarian functionality. The highlight of the capsule is undeniably the ‘Coat,’ a knee-length outerwear offering boasting unique details like stab-proof pockets as well as a detachable hem, hood, and sleeves. That being said, there are plenty of other notable items to choose from, including a tool belt that doubles as a waist pack, a versatile carry-all bag, and a range of garden-ready goods like a vest, some pants, and an apron. When you consider that the entire collection is made from organic cotton, recycled materials, and vegan leather, it makes for a promising first foray into clothing design. The collection is available now starting at $55.

Purchase: $55+