Firstbeat Transforms Heartbeat Data Into Custom Fitness Information

If you want to prevail in any sport, every single detail must be analyzed appropriately so you can learn to evolve as an athlete. With the Firstbeat Sports Sensor and Live App, coaches can break down the intricacies of your heartbeat data to fast-track your fitness development.

Utilizing Suunto Movesense technology, the Firstbeat Sports Sensor has built-in memory so you won’t need a receiver or laptop during training sessions. The system has an embedded processor for continuous load calculation no matter the range, as well as automized data uploads. Firstbeat transforms your heartbeat data into custom information on stress, recovery, and exercise. Multiple coaches have access to your real-time data, and with the introduction of TRIMP (TRaining IMPulse), which provides heart rate calculations, you can simulate in-game intensity in training. And the Live app provides an efficient monitoring experience for coaching staff where you can access crucial data, as well as transport or upload the information with ease. Firstbeat Sports works with over 1,000 professional teams across the MLB, NFL, NBA, and more to ensure quality. If you’re looking to get to an elite level, this sensor and app are available for pre-order as part of the Sports Team Pack.

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