First Build’s Arden Is a Pellet Smoker Built for the Heart of Your Kitchen

Whether you’re in the mood for chicken or prime rib, there’s one thing we can all agree on: either one of these tastes best when prepared using a smoker. Looking to deliver the delectable tech to your kitchen counter with entry-level ease, First Build has unveiled Arden, the indoor pellet smoker that smart-home advocates have been dreaming of.

The Arden is operated through a handful of steps, starting with filling its water tray, loading up any smoking pellets you prefer, selecting the temperature, then putting your food in, and, finally, letting it go to work. Arden’s tech is capable of providing fresh smoke generation, perfect temperature control, and a unique, ventless smoke elimination method that keeps the final product tasting as the recipe intended. Whether we’re talking wings, veggies, or even a variety of seasonings, there’s no shortage of what you’ll be able to whip up with it.

Thanks to its impressively small composition, the Arden is built to fit below cabinets or anywhere else you’d prefer, courtesy of a set of integrated handles that make this kitchen appliance all the more user-friendly. Measuring a mere 16″ tall and 16″ wide, this bad boy might just be smaller than the air fryer you’ve been using endlessly. Upon surpassing its Indiegogo goal by well over $400,000 with 17 days left on the campaign, First Build’s innovative gadget is set to hit countertops in a matter of no time.

The Arden Indoor Pellet Smoker is expected to ship out this coming August and is currently available on Indiegogo starting from $649 as part of an early bird special.

Indiegogo: $649+

Photo: First Build
Photo: First Build