Firm Grip: The 15 Coolest Beer Koozies

Dec 4, 2019

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Koozies. Cozies. Coozies. Whatever you you like to call ‘em. They all perform the same function, and that’s keeping your beer cold. For years we didn’t know if beer koozies actually helped keep our beverage cold, or if it was just another marketing ploy to make money. So do koozies keep beer cold? Thankfully in 2013 the fine gentlemen of the University of Washington in Seattle decided to put some real science behind it, thoroughly testing koozies. The end result. Yes, these things do work. Oddly enough, it’s the fact that they help prevent condensation from building on the outside of the can that is the real selling point versus actually keeping your booze insulated. Regardless of how beer koozies work, they do work. These things have become our best friends for tailgating, backyard parties, beach outings, and just about every situation that requires a beer in hand. There’ s a lot of choices out there when it comes to koozies, so naturally we decided to showcase 15 cool koozies that you can purchase right now.

Beaver Fur Koozie

1. Beaver Fur Koozie

Made from real beaver fur, the inside of this koozie has been lined with pink neoprene that’s sure to keep your drink cool. Each one is handmade right here in the U.S. [Purchase]

Luxury Wooden Beer Koozie

2. Luxury Wooden Beer Koozie

The California based team at Parlor Tailoring & Goods takes pride in their craftsmanship, and it can be seen right away with this Zebrawood koozie. Every koozie has been hit with 3 coats of waterproof, nontoxic lacquer to ensure this thing will last for many football seasons to come. [Sold Out]

Thermos Stainless Stel Can Insulator

3. Thermos Stainless Stel Can Insulator

If keeping your beverage colder, longer is the end goal, then this is the be all and end all koozie for you. The folks at Thermos know a thing or two about insulating beverages, and they have applied that knowledge to a koozie that crushes the competition. [Purchase]

Bum Bag Drink Cooler

4. Bum Bag Drink Cooler

Designed to look just like the one’s your local street walker uses, but made a hell of a lot better. The Bum Bag is constructed from a waterproof and tear resistant Tyvek material with an elastic top to ensure it will fit on any can or bottle. [Purchase]

Cowhide Koozies

5. Cowhide Koozies

So beaver pelt isn’t your thing? We hear ya! Maybe you’d rather wrap your beer in a hand-stitched koozie made from genuine cow hide? The inside is lined with neoprene to help keep your booze on chill for over 30 minutes. Red Montana Sky Designs offers a slew of other cowhide inspired options to choose from as well. [Purchase]

Kegzie Beer Cooler

6. Kegzie Beer Cooler

This beverage holder was designed to look just like a tiny keg, and is made from a cold-saving foam that’s comfortable to grip. [Purchase]

Beard Koozie

7. Beard Koozie

Created by Philadelphia based designer Michele Lestochi, these things have been a fan favorite for quite some time, and actually won 1st place at the 2012 PBR Craft Show. Made from faux fur mated to elastic, this beard shaped koozie will definitely get the conversation started. [Purchase]

Bill Murray Koozie

8. Bill Murray Koozie

Bill Murray is one of the coolest human beings alive. And while they look awesome, these sleeves are more than just a dashing face. Unlike many of the cheap sleeves out there that do nothing for your beverage, this Koozie material actually helps your can stay colder, longer. Bill Freaking Murray, enough said. [Purchase]

The Beast Giant Fist Koozie

9. The Beast Giant Fist Koozie

Go beast mode on that can of beer with this giant foam constructed fist. This Hulk-sized fist is definitely not as portable as some of the other options. [Purchase]

Scorzie Score Keeping Koozie

10. Scorzie Score Keeping Koozie

Not only is scorekeeping a boring job when you’re playing drinking games, but more importantly you’re probably too drunk to accurately keep score to begin with. Scorzie features a a Home and Away score ring circling the koozie, and lets you keep track of the game up to 21 points. The outside is made from durable stainless steel while the inside is made from high quality foam. [Purchase]

Merica Fck Yeah Koozie

11. ‘Merica F*ck Yeah Koozie

Made from neoprene rubber, this is possibly the most badass koozie on the list. It comes in America Red, folds flat for easy storage, and can even be thrown in the washing machine for easy cleaning. [Purchase]

Prescription Koozie

12. Prescription Koozie

Not feeling so great after a rough day at the office? Seasons changing, and you feel a bit of sickness coming on? Beer is just what the doctor ordered (or Liquid Happiness as the label says). Beer makes everything better, and this koozie proves it. Sold in a set of 2, so you and a friend can feel great together. [Purchase]

Hunting Camo Beer Koozie

13. Hunting Camo Beer Koozie

There’s nothing like enjoying a cold one in the great outdoors. Perfect for camping trips and hikes, this is a must have for the outdoorsman who loves to drink. [Purchase]

Red Solo Cup Koozie

14. Red Solo Cup Koozie

The famous Red Solo Cup now does more than just hold your beer, it helps keep it cold too. [Purchase]

Baseball Basketball Leather Bottle Cooler

15. Baseball/Basketball Leather Bottle Cooler

Crafted from high quality buffalo leather, lined with ultra soft polysuede, and hand-stitched, this is the ultimate sports fan’s koozie. It measures in at 3” in diameter and 4” tall, and while this one is shaped to look just like a baseball, there is also a basketball one available too. You can even get it monogrammed with a name, favorite team, or special message. [Purchase]

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