FireFly Wireless Fireworks Firing System

Believe it or not, Fourth of July is right around the corner. And if you’re one of those DIY individuals who insists on putting on the best fireworks displays the neighborhood has ever seen, you’re going to need the FireFly fireworks firing system.

With each firing module, the festivities soon elevate to a professional level since the device allows you fire up to 15 fireworks straight from your smartphone. Each FireFly comes with 8 one-meter reusable connection cables, 7 three-meter connection cables and igniter clips for each one. To get started, simply download the application to your phone, pair it with the module and begin building the show. You can even sync your ignitions up with music. From here, you can place up to 15 fuses in the included clips that then connect to the module. Now, it’s show time. The Bluetooth capability of the FireFly app works up to 50 feet away, keeping you in complete control and out of harm’s way. Time to take these annual celebrations to the next level.

Purchase: $225