Finisterre X Vivobarefoot Eclipse Sandal

A lot of brands make zero-drop shoes, but none do so with quite the same style as Vivobarefoot. That’s why we were excited to see the brand had teamed up with another favorite outdoor company, Finisterre, for their new Eclipse sandal.

Meant to be worn on land or in the water, the sandal features a flat outsole with a super thin and puncture-resistant sole for walking on everything from sandy beaches to tough and rocky terrain. Along with the solid build, the sandals feature a velcro fastening for keeping the shoe secure on your foot. The whole idea behind this design is that it brings the wearer closer to the outdoors – encouraging them to engage all of the small but important stabilizing muscles around the foot. Whether you’re looking for some casual wear this summer or something to strap on for some river crossings – this sandal is well worth your consideration.

Purchase: $70