This FINEX 2-Burner Griddle Is A Cast Iron Cookware Kitchen Essential

Founded in 2012, FINEX is a small Portland-based brand that trades in heirloom-quality cast iron cookware, bestowing the traditional heritage items with a few modern updates in the form of the boutique brand’s signature octagonal shape and surface-area-maximizing, “Speed Cool” steel coil handles. And for 2020, the Oregon outfit has now revealed yet another contemporary take on classic camp cookware with the new Double Burner griddle.

The first FINEX release since the company was acquired by legendary cast-iron outfit, Lodge in 2019, the Double Burner is a generously-sized 22” x 12.25” griddle that sits across two burners (or a full oven rack) and offers a cool 150-square inches of cooking real-estate. Made from ultra-rugged stainless steel rod stock, each of these new griddles is CNC-machined down to a smooth surface before being polished by hand and then pre-seasoned using organic flaxseed oil. Adorned in a rust-resistant bronze finish designed to take on a patina over time, the Double Burner also has a perimeter drainage channel, and FINEX’s hallmark geometric shape and “Speed Cool” handles inspired by those on vintage wood-stove doors. Available now, the FINEX Double Burner Cast Iron Griddle has an MSRP of $325.

Purchase: $325