Finex Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

Skillets and Dutch-ovens are making a comeback, and cookware companies are striking while the (cast) iron is hot. Cast-iron an attractive alternative to stainless steel, not only for its rustic handsomeness, but its heat-conductive and enduring properties. Finex cookware’s new dutch-oven promises to take your concoctions to a new level of convection.

Finex ensures that its new dutch oven will endure as an heirloom to be passed down through the generations. The American-made octagonal 5 Qt. Dutch Oven claims “good-forever” performance. Cast-iron can get hot in a hurry, and can cook on most surfaces. The Dutch oven can be used safely with gas and electric burners, induction cook tops, or straight over the coals. You can also throw this cauldron in the oven or over the grill. The thick cast iron material ensures even heat-distribution and retention. Spring-coiled, quick-cooling stainless steel handles keep you from scalding yourself carrying it to the table. The heavy-gauge cast iron lid keeps your dinner simmering, and spouts along the octagonal lid allow easy, mess-free pouring. Whether you’re boiling beef stew or broiling some mussels, this is one kitchen-addition that can take the heat.

Purchase: $300