FINCLIP Step-In Flipper Bindings

In the water, a pair of fins can make the difference between floundering and being swift as a shark. Unfortunately, putting them on and taking them off can be somewhat of an exasperating production thanks to their unwieldy construction. That’s all about to change, however, thanks to the invention of this very clever new device called the Finclip.

Similar to step-in ski bindings in their operation and construction, Finclips allow you to put on your swimming flippers in seconds. And taking them back off is nearly as easy. That means less time up on the boat getting ready and more time in the water scuba diving. Best of all, they’re compatible with most popular standard fins. Simply attach the mechanical clip to the backside of your favorite flippers via a serrated clamp and they’re ready to go. And although you can take them off for maintenance, they’ll stay securely attached during use. These clever devices will retail for around $59 when they hit the market, but you can pledge to their Kickstarter for a good deal less right now. [Purchase]