FinalStraw Titanium Folding Straw

Whether you’re aware of it or not, disposable straws are one of the most environmentally damaging pieces of trash on the planet. Not only can they not be recycled and therefore largely end up in the sea, but they’re small enough that they can easily become lodged in the throats of ocean-going wildlife. Lucky for us, there’s a solution in the FinalStraw – the world’s first collapsible, reusable beverage sipper.

Made from super sturdy yet lightweight titanium, FinalStraw is designed for years of constant usage. And the unique folding design makes it small enough to fit on your keychain in its included case. Plus, each one is food and dishwasher safe, has soft silicone tips for safe usage by adults and children alike, and comes with its own squeegee for simple and quick cleaning. Best of all, one FinalStraw can keep up to 584 plastic straws from entering landfills every year. So, the next time you decide to sip on some cocktails, save the environment by using the FinalStraw. Back it on Kickstarter now starting at $20.

Kickstarter: $20+