Filson & Springbar Come Together For An Exclusive Old-School Outfitter Tent

Back in 1961, Jack Kirkham, Sr. designed the original Springbar Tent in an effort to make camping more accomodating to the masses. With its innovative easy-to-pitch design and durable wind-resistant construction, it proved an immediate hit and truly revolutionized the outdoor recreation industry.

For its latest collaborative project, Filson has partnered with Springbar to release an exclusive ‘Bison’ and ‘Suntan’ colorway of the packable Outfitter model. Designed to break down into the size of a saddlebag, it measures just 13” x 30” when stowed. However, with the deployment of just three poles and some stakes, it’ll rise to its full height of 74″ and expand to cover a 7’ x 9’ floor — plenty of room for up to three occupants. And because it’s made from Sunforger army-duck canvas it’s all-but completely weatherproof, resistant to everything from wind and rain to ice and snow. Limited to just 20 tents in total, you’ll have to act fast if you want to get one for yourself. It’s available for $1,250 at the link below.

Purchase: $1,250