Filson’s ‘Woodsman’s Knife’ Is A USA-Handmade Maple Bushcraft Blade

Ohio-based bladesmith Nicholas Bachtel is a legend within the world of knife-making. His hand-crafted wares have become some of the most sought-after items in the industry, capturing the hearts and minds of the EDC community. Fortunately, Bachtel also landed on Filson’s radar, and now, the two are partnering for a unique straight-back blade dubbed the “Woodsman’s Knife.”

The Filson x N.M. Bacthel Forging Co. Woodsman’s Knife is an artful example that relies on its high-quality components to give it an edge over the competition. Each knife is crafted with a high-carbon 1084 steel that’s been tempered to obtain 60HRC hardness, providing unparalleled edge retention (and strength) for everyday tasks. Its full-tang design is complemented by an aesthetically-pleasing curly maple handle, which has been finished in classic gunstock to promote a unique patina over time. The Woodsman’s compact 4 ½-inch blade is perfect for hunting, fishing, fieldwork, or general use, giving the USA-made item an instant reputation as one of the finest utilitarian tools we’ve seen this year. Head to Filson’s website to pick up the limited-edition exclusive for $395.

Purchase: $395