Filson & Merrell Join Forces To Create The Perfect Outdoor Sandal

Within the last decade, the popularity of technical outdoor shoes has skyrocketed — shining an illuminary spotlight on the industry’s largest manufacturers. What’s more, the influence of utilitarian footwear has found its way into unlikely avenues — the outdoor sandal being one of them. With a veritable slew of rugged, strap-strewn variants inundating the market, Filson and Merrell have decided to team up to create the Convert; an answer to the drab, imitative qualities set forth by alternative manufacturers.

The Convert is an exercise in utilitarian structure, boasting rugged intricacies like a three-point, adjustable canvas strap, EVA footbeds, and shock-absorbent Air Cushion midsoles that have been built with inclement traversal in mind. Raised ridges and multidirectional treading help to provide grip over a variety of surfaces, while protecting your feet from abrasive inhibitors like rocks, sticks, and foliage. If you’re a fan of these all-encompassing trail trekkers, head over to Filson’s website for more info — the Convert is available now for $120.

Purchase: $120