Filson & Council Tool Teamed Up On A Pair Of USA-Made Adventure Axes

For outdoorsmen, especially those that live in colder environments and spend a lot of time away from society and out on the trails, an axe can be an indispensable tool. And the folks at Council Tool make some of the best traditional-styled ones around. Now, they’ve teamed up with the folks at Filson — another noteworthy American heritage outdoor brand — on a pair of USA-made axes perfect for wilderness survival and adventure.

Though they’re two different sizes and formats, both of these axes have a few material commonalities connecting them. For instance, both of them feature axe heads made from 5160 steel, handles crafted from hickory wood, and they each come with a leather sheath. The larger of the two, the 24″ Pack Axe, is perfect for general-purpose cutting tasks and can be used one- or two-handed. The second, the 16″ Double-Bit Saddle Axe, is much more compact and features dual edges — lending to its use as a backpacking tool for multi-day outings. Both are made in North Carolina and they’re available now for $250 and $225, respectively.

Purchase: $225+