This Historic Omega Seamaster Was Field-Worn By An American Hero

For most collectors, coming across an item of historical relevance is an exciting prospect. The heritage of a family, the appropriation of renown, and the figures associated are definitive aspects that make a piece truly noteworthy — especially when it comes to the evaluation of a militaristic keepsake.

This 1968 Omega Seamaster 300 might look like a traditional timepiece on the exterior, but its heritage is nothing short of transcendental. The watch was once adorned by Lieutenant Colonel George Aikman Finter, a military officer who served in post-war Germany before reaffirming his career as an intelligence purveyor in Chile. In 1970, LTC Finter was killed in action while performing a reconnaissance mission for the 203rd RAC Hawkeyes 1st Plt. out of Qui Nhon, Vietnam, where he had served in two separate tours. Alongside numerous effects, hand-signed letters (from then-President Richard Nixon and General Westmoreland), casualty reports, and personal identification documents, Finter’s all-original, field-worn watch was found sealed inside of a briefcase after 40+ years. Following its discovery in 2013, the current owner has decided to relinquish the historic item. If you’re interested, head over to Fog City Vintage’s website for more information.

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